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Benefits of Instant Messaging

With as simple of a tool as instant message, there is no need for long conversations, delays due to emails, or even a need for mail-outs. Sending your customers announcement about alerts, events, special promotions, product launches, and VIP only sales through instant message will save forgetting about it later. You have the ear of your customer from anywhere and anytime.

Here are more details on how messaging tools can be the perfect communication to your clients Fast and Instant.

What types of benefits can businesses achieve by using Instant Messaging?

  • Benefit #1: Real-Time Instant Communication of Events, Promotions, Sales, Specials, etc.

With the ability to send a message in real time, instant messages are very efficient and eye catching. If the receiver is in the middle of something, you will still get your message across. Since Instant Message boxes alert the receiver each time they get a message by flashing on their screen, your message will always be received and reviewed. He or she can review your message and take action on any promotion, sale, special, etc fast and easy.

  • Benefit #2: Ability To Send Personal Messages To Clients

By communicating using Instant Messaging to a PC or a mobile phone you can send a special invitation to your VIP Clients with a personal message about an exclusive Sale, Event or any other information you want to convey to enhance your product or service.

  • Benefit #3: No Cost Communication Resource

Instant Messaging provides a straight forward communication method with no cost and instant delivery. Reduces the amount of email sent and received throughout the day. Many people want an answer to a simple question quickly. IM provides this capability to facilitate quick and easy communication. Gives you another method to stay in contact with your customers and improve their shopping or support experience on your web site. The benefits are unlimited when you integrate IM with your existing web site.

Don’t take it from us…See what the major mobile providers are saying.

"The GSMA is calling this approach to instant messaging, Personal IM, because it respects the personal nature of mobile devices and protects the trusted and secure environment surrounding mobile voice calls and text messaging."

  • Craig Ehrlich, Chairman of the GSM Association. The GSMA-Worldwide Mobile Communications Industry that represents 86% of the world’s mobile communications.

"The mobile phone is the perfect device for person-to-person communication so instant messaging represents an exciting new opportunity for the mobile industry. To create a compelling experience for users, operators must work together so that IM exchanges are effortless and intuitive even when the sender and recipient are on different networks."

  • Rene Obermann, CEO of T-Mobile

"Mobile instant messaging will extend the benefits of instant messaging to a global community of over 2 billion mobile customers. More than half of mobile customers use SMS and many of these are candidates to adopt Mobile IM…”

  • Stephen Bertrand, Partner in Bain & Company's Global Telecommunications Practice

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