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Specialized Features


It's simple. People don't redeem paper coupons like they used to. It's a hassle to print them, cut them out, and remember to keep them in your pockets so you can have them handy just at the right moment.

On the other hand, people have their phones with them at all times and so the redemption rates for mobile coupons are much higher compared to paper coupons.


BizRated Mobile marketing solutions make it easy for our restaurant partners to identify their restaurant guests, manage their guest database, easily create text messaging programs, deliver high quality email marketing campaigns and track the responses to drive repeat visits to the restaurant and generate higher revenue.


Use BizRated Mobile to create your restaurant's own Mobile Keywords!

You've seen the same technology on American Idol, heard it on the radio, or seen it on a billboard. People can text your mobile keyword to BizRated Mobile's short code (69302) to join your mobile distribution list and start receiving your mobile coupons. You can also setup an automated message to be texted immediately back to your customers.

Text Messaging is the perfect way to get the word out about:

  • 2-for-1 specials
  • Discounts (30% off your next purchase)
  • Free stuff ( get a free ice cream cone with
    your next purchase )
  • Any important announcement


Here's an example:

  • Customer texts "Pizza" to 69302
  • Customer receives an automated text message right back. Maybe something like, "Thanks for joining our Mobile Coupon VIP List! Show this text to receive a free slice of pizza with your next purchase."
  • By texting your keyword, the customer has opted in to join your mobile distribution list, and now using BizRated Mobile you can text this person in the future to keep him/her connected.

Not everyday is a busy day. Especially with the economy in a slump, texting great offers is the only way to turn your slow days into busy ones without planning weeks ahead of time. Even if you have to offer discounts, it's always better to have some business as opposed to no business.

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